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Final Fantasy is a game series that is close to many gamers hearts. There are many things I can talk about when it comes to Final Fantasy but I wanted to have my first top 10 to be about something I first think about whenever I think Final Fantasy and that’ll be summons. Aeons, Espers, Astrals or Eidolons whatever name they go by these days.


They are sometimes enemies but most of the time allies, they are a main stay in Final Fantasy and one of the first things people think of. I have ranked them while taking 3 main things in to account

  1. Their impact in the game or series as a whole and impact to me as the player
  2. Their special attacks
  3. The design of the summon.


Well here we go!


10. Yojimbo


To start things off we will go with the greedy samurai from Final Fantasy X Yojimbo.

First let’s talk about his attire with a kimono over full armour complete with onia mask and straw hat this this guy screams samurai from hell.

Along with his dog Daigorode and his crimson colour scheme enemies will want to run the other way haha.


Unlike most other summons you have to pay for him to attack and the attack he will use is random. That wouldn’t be so bad but most of his attacks are mediocre at best, with one exception for his best move zanmato which is a one hit K.O. to any enemy unfortunate enough to be at the other end it. This move is easily the best thing about this summon it fits the motif of single powerful strike along with the whole samurai from hell vibe with his blade from the underworld. I chose Yojimbo over his more famous counterpart Odin because I feel that the whole one hit kill fits the samurai motif better.

9. Carbuncle


Next is this little blue fluffy bundle of fun. Carbuncle has been in a few games where his appearance differs slightly. Known for always having big ears and a red ruby on his forehead and rarely plays a vital role in the story but she is a handy addition to the roster with its move ruby light. This move casts reflect on the entire team with some other bonus depending game e.g. protect in Final Fantasy 9. But this summon really comes into its own in Final Fantasy 15 where it acts as guide to Noctis when he was a child and further used when he’s an adult by giving stat boosts and heals the party when Noctis is in troubles, though only in easy mode.



8. Titan

Next up is the goliath of earth Titan. This summon has been both friend and foe across many games.

His appearance has changed over the years but a few things have always stayed the same such as he’s always a giant muscular man.

His attack Gaia’s Wrath shows his power by moving the very earth he stands on.


To be honest this summon has always been a bit boring for me, he’s not bad but he’s on the list because of his involvement in Final Fantasy 15. The game demo his boss fight in game and demo is the first time you see a creature that big close up and had to fight it in Final Fantasy 15 showing us a glimpse of what is to come.




7. Anima

What I like to call the Venus-fly trap from hell Anima from Final Fantasy X. This summon has only been in one game and to still beat Ojn on this list is a testament to the impact she has on the Final Fantasy series.


Her appearance is a tricky one to describe and to do her justice.

Basically she looks like a chained up mummy coming out of a plant in the ground. Her overdrive is called Oblivion where her opponents get dragged underground/(to a different dimensions) where she breaks her chains and punches her enemies so much the dimension explodes.


Anima’s impact on the story of Final Fantasy X is one steeped high in spoilers but if you know the story of Anima and her summoner you know why she’s exists.


6. Ramuh


This is the god of thunder Ramuh, this summon is one of the true main stays of this great series.

He may look old but don’t underestimate him. He is always shown as an old sage with a long beard in a robe.


His attack judgement bolt hits foes with a massive bolt of electricity (flashy but a bit boring for me). Like Titan he got this high because of Final Fantasy 15 and the first time you see him decimate the enemy was nothing less than awe-inspiring and shows what the PlayStation 4 can do.


Unlike Titan Ramuh has had story evolvement other than in 15 where he is shown to share his sage like wisdom.


5. Leviathan


Now for the lord of the seas himself Leviathan. This sea serpent is another main stay being in nearly all the games in one way or another.

In Final Fantasy 4 he plays a big role as the king of the eidolons and teacher/protector of Rydia.

His signature move is tidal wave/tsunami which uses the power of the ocean to crash down on his enemies. His look has always resembled giant snake full of power and grace.


4. Alexander


Here comes number 4 the holy building himself Alexander. This mighty behemoth of a summon has appeared in a number of games but only play a major role in Final Fantasy 9 and 13 but it’s his actions in 9 which places him so high on this list.


His appearance always resembles a fortress mixed with a knight which fits his virtues theme as a protector.


His special is called judgement or sometimes divine judgement which creates a deadly light deals holy damage to his enemies. As I said it his actions in 9 that placed him so high, without going into too many spoilers the cut scene where he battles a certain other summon is in my opinion one of the greatest scenes in Final Fantasy.


The time has now come for what I call the big 3 of Final Fantasy. These 3 are part of the reason I love this series so much and are easily the most recognisable of the summonses.


3. Shiva


Here comes the lovely ice queen herself Shiva. This lovely diva has been in nearly all the Final Fantasy’s, this is an honour that only these 3 have had. It has also played an important part in all of them.


Shiva’s appearance has always resembled a beautiful blue woman with long hair. Her special attack is called Diamond Dust an attack which freezers her opponents and then shatters them all while showing her grace and beauty.


Her impact on Final Fantasy is one that is beyond repute. Being in nearly all the games has giving her a fan following that is truly earned.


2. Bahamut


This is the summon who is second to only 1 (in my opinion) Bahamut. This great dragon has been in every Final Fantasy except Final Fantasy 2 and during this time he more than earned the title as one the most powerful creatures in the series.


His appearance has always been a black magnificent dragon. His special move is mega flare a giant blast of non-elemental energy focusing all his power into one point devastating his enemies.


Bahamut’s impact on the Final Fantasy series is second to none, always playing a vital role in the story.


Fun fact he has the most different forms in any Final Fantasy E.g. Final Fantasy 7 Neo Bahamut.


To be honest he should be number 1 but there is one summon that has had more of an impact to me as a fan and gamer.

1. Ifrit


Last but certainly not least we have the ogre of fire and the hell hound of Final Fantasy Ifrit.

Ifrit has been in most Final Fantasy’s and has had an impact on all of them.


His appearance has had a couple of changes over the years, at first he took a more ogre look with his green skin and satyr legs.

Nowadays days he has a more beast of hell appearance which I think suits his fiery nature better.


His special move is called hellfire a move that devastates his enemies by hitting them with a massive ball of fire.


He is normally one of the first summonses obtained in his respective games which means he is with you for most of your journey, this is the reason I have a strong bound with him.

Although it is true he is not the strongest or has the biggest impact on the series but he always has your back (most of the time haha)


That is my list I know every one isn’t going to agree but I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much I did writing it. I would love to hear what you think please comment below.

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